Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oklahoma, Team Reunion, Indiana

So since the girls retreat, we went to Haskell and Tulsa Oklahoma, where we saw a whole bunch of old friends. We also saw my great grandad Jack, and my aunts and cousin. I also drove a truck home by myself. It was fun.
Then we went to the team reunion, where we saw everyone from our origional team, the Rieses, the Millers, the Neals, and the Reeves. It was really fun, and I also gave my Uncle Tom his jar of dirt from Stonehenge. He really enjoyed it.
So far in Indiana, we've done a whole bunch of stuff. We still have to celebrate Michal's birthday, and we're going to Chicago to do it! Also, it's snowing! I'm so happy! We had a snowball fight and I was hit really hard, as usual. My Uncle Jim would have broken my nose if he were here. I had a whole bunch of fun though! I also found that ice skating is one of my favorite things to do.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. I was looking for a recent post. What's been happening? Love you. mrs. Dre