Tuesday, November 15, 2011

West Texas Girls' Conference, Lubbock with the Browns, Junction with Uncle Smokey and Aunt Theresa

Okay, so here are pictures from the West Texas Girls' conference. It was really fun. We went on the bus with church friends, then we heard some speakers, including Christa Black, who is singer. I got a CD of hers that isn't even out until December, I think. She signed it.
Then there's Lubbock with the Browns. That was really fun, and Michal and their oldest daughter Gillian got along really well. They're fun, as you can see.
Then we went to Junction to see Uncle Smokey and Aunt Theresa. They manage a truck stop, a good one, and it was fun to go around there and pick up free stuff. We also drove up to Lover's Leap, which was a typical Indian girl couldn't marry the pilgrim so they jumped off a rock together. It was a beautiful view. We also saw tons of deer and I saw a six point Buck. He was beautiful. We also saw a river.

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