Tuesday, November 13, 2012


For some people,home is a simple as a street address. Not for me. For me, it's a question that required as much thought as Archimedes thinking about science. I mean, home could be so many places. "Where the heart is, wherever you are, where I live..." The list goes on. My brain must work fast because when Mom told us the topic of this freewrite, I immediately thought of one phrase: "what I'm waiting for." It sounds deep and moving, but I don't even know where that came from. I think of all the things I'm waiting for... Braces(which is not really an anticipation kind of waiting), seeing Les Mis, our European vacation, Mrs Melissa's dinners... Then I thought of what others would be waiting for. Then it kind of hit me. What is the purpose of life? Another deep and moving question, I know, but this is the best way I could phrase the very simple question I'm trying to convey. Why are we here? It's that exact reason; to wait. Our home, my home, couldn't be anywhere on this earth. I mean, yes, I have a home here, but if we're talking about the 'ultimate where I want to be home', then my home is Heaven. It's the place I always want to be. I know I'll be safe, with people I love. In times of trial, the thoughts of Heaven are what get me through it. My home here on Earth could be anywhere I love, but there's not a place on earth I feel completely secure. Lying in a bed, comfy and cozy, I feel threatened with thoughts of darkness. Sitting on the beach, I think of all the lives it's taken(which if even a beach can make me feel the slightest bit worried, this is saying something). In heaven, I know I'll never be sad, never hurt, never want, never feel stress of pressured or fear. This is what home looks like to me, even if I haven't actually seen it, it still provides a nice picture.

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