Monday, December 17, 2012

Maddie's Random Train of Thought

I know I haven't been a consistent blogger, and I have chosen to give up on the paragraph thing, but I have defenses. 1. I finished dead week. Saturday. That would be self-explanatory. 2. A writer is not prompted. At least not me. I write when it comes to me, and when someone tells me to I tend to sit there staring at the computer/paper/whatever the medium is. It's the same way you couldn't just tell Beethoven 'compose music. Go.' 3. Christmas is a busy time. We literally have something to do every day, and if I'm not doing something terribly important, I'm probably eating. No shame. So Now I'm finding time to sit down and write, because I'm feeling a little train of thought coming on. Of course, if you've ever spoken with me, you can tell that my train of thought has a different sort of track, so I appologize if it's hard for you to keep up. Lately I've been thinking a lot about Christmas, and of course everything it represents. I mean, if I think about it, some believe that it was Christ's birth. Even people who don't believe that still decorate a tree and put presents under it. And then I wonder where this came from? I mean, the idea of decorating a tree is nice, but it doesn't seem like something that someone just walked out into a forest and decided to put a bunch of pretty ornaments on one. And the presents? Where did that come from? It's almost like the Mayans and chocolate. One day, did this guy just pop up and say, 'Hey, I bet if I take this sort of bean, ferment it for this amount of time in the sun, roast it at this temperature for this amount of time, crush it into powder, and add sugar and milk... It'll be delicious!' No. I don't think so. So any curious person might just go and look up the origion of Christmas trees and whatnot, or they may just forget it and wallow about not seeing the Hobbit yet. I don't really know why I don't look it up. Maybe it's because I don't want to read a whole long thing about it when I have a new copy of Pride and Prejudice as an early Christmas present. Anyway, again this might be useless rambling, so feel free to skim. And of course, there's always the subject of family on my mind. It is the holidays, and anyone who has been overseas during this time knows it's sort of bittersweet. This is my home, and everyone wants to be home for Christmas, but there's always the feeling of missing family, and friends, and snow of course. Don't get me started on snow. And last year, being back in America for Christmas was amazing, with the snow, and family, and friends, but at the same time I did sort of miss our tree and our home, and our dog even though that may sound petty. Okay. My mind has now gone blank, and I think I'm done. I'm going to be honest and say this was a useless, rambling post. I usually wouldn't let anyone read it since there's no real point, but I feel the need to post something. Sorry for the uselessness. It may not be to you, but I'm sort of pinching up my face and frowning. I guess I'll just finish with a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Giancarlo said...

Un felice Natale e uno strepitoso fine 2012 a Te e ai tuoi cari!!