Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three Wishes from a Jeannie

I have three wishes from a Jeannie. I can wish for anything, no catch. My mind races. I refuse to wish for more wishes. That's no fun at all. First, I wish that I could fly. I can soar in the air and do flips, flying higher and farther and faster. I barely use any energy because it's so easy. I tie a bag around myself and fly across Europe, the Alps, Morocco, Russia, India, the Great Wall of China...And I finally land in the West End in London. I take a nice dress and coat(because it's freezing)from the bag and wish for a ticket to see Les Miserables. I sit through the show and enjoy it. When it's over, I have one wish left. I think about it a long time. I know exactly what I WANT to do with the wish. I want to see into my future. I want to know what will happen to me when I'm older. I shake my head. That's not what I need. Whatever my future will be, I will be tempted to change it, or will do something that leads to changing it. This is not what I need. Even though I may want it. I save the last wish. I tuck it in my pocket next to the ticket stubs. Surely, someday I'll find a use for this wish. I sit calmly with it. I think about all the years that this wish will most certainly be sitting in my pocket... All alone... Forever... And a day... I give up. I wish to be able to hop inside books and take the place of one of the characters. I open up 'The Help' for a taste of Minny Jackson's chicken.

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